Private FB Group


I am now offering the general public the option to Join my private Facebook group directly connected to the 30 Day Keto Challenge. My Keto Challenge is created as a very informative Ketogenic course

NOTE:  The 30 day challengers get access to the Private Keto challenge facebook as a part of the package.  Click here for info..

Just want in on the Steph moderated private facebook page?

For those just wanting to access the  private facebook page you now have the ability to pay  $15  month to month! 


Here are the benefits of being on the facebook page without being in the challenge:

1. I am the primary Moderator ( you get all of me) I make sure the Keto information presented is the correct Keto information. We go by the SP protocol on this page.

2. You have accesse to my weekly Q&A webinars ( As long as my schedule permits) 

3. I’ve created structured policy: No trolling, incorrect information, comments/posts. The post will be presented to truly teach and encourage each other

4.  I will create vital conversations to inform each other

5. I will answer Questions to the best of my ability if time permits

6. There also will be sub-moderators to help keep the page the best Ketogenic private group out there!

7. I will create challenges on the page to win a mini consultation with me


The SignUp starts now, but the group starts on the 10th of March.
Signing up later is also possible.

You will receive further info on your paypal email address, after purchase.

* Please check your inbox for the confirmation e-mail (or spam-folder) *

* Please use a computer for the SignUp – If you have trouble with the PayPal-Button, please use another Browser and/or Device *

Technical- or Support-Questions, please mail: