Ketogenic Meal Plans

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  • WHO

    These plans are designed for everyone, at any level, attempting to achieve a highly adapted Keto state.  If you are just newly trying to Keto adapt, or if you have been trying to highly adapt for quite some time, these are the plans for you. 

    These Ketogenic plans are basic fundamental guidelines designed to put you in the right macro range for your personalized plan and will direct proper meal timing.

    A Keto diet should be implemented by people who are ready to educate themselves on Ketogenesis while making the necessary lifestyle changes (including better sleep quality, your macro tolerance levels, stress and exercise management). To achieve the benefits of a highly adapted Keto state one must also be ready to completely eliminate the Standard American Diet (S.A.D) which includes processed foods, poor quality starches and sugar. It is also important to get to bed as early as 10pm or the earliest time you can manage. Resistance training is also an important lifestyle habit which helps increase the production of ketones.

  • WHY

    Ketosis is the state in which your brain and body use Ketones (units of fat) as its primary source of fuel rather than glucose (sugar). Using slow burning Ketones instead of glucose results in sustained energy and aids in healing the body. Once the body is highly keto adapted it is able to drop body fat without burning muscle or putting stress on your adrenal glands.

  • WHEN

    The first phase/induction period will last 4 to 6 weeks. During this time you will lower your carbohydrates (15-20 grams per day), keep protein moderate and raise your fats to produce slow-burning Ketones.

  • HOW

    This clear, step-by-step Ketogenic meal guide offers three Keto meal plans that have been developed after consulting over 500 people from various backgrounds including age, ethnicity, fitness level, metabolic derangement (thyroid) and autoimmune disease.

    Each plan is designed to take users to the first level of Keto adaption. In addition to hassle-free meal plans, you will find user guides, recipes, nutritional information and food lists that will help you follow the ideal Ketogenic lifestyle. This is the most comprehensive and clean way to achieve Ketosis.

Learn how to get into Nutritional Ketosis by following your easy to download and easy to follow Keto meal plans.

You have the options to choose the from the following plans:

**Choose your plan carefully. There are no returns, exchanges or refunds after purchase.**
  • AVERAGE TO FIT: Suitable for the average to fit. Use this plan if you are young, active, and reasonably healthy.Specifically designed to be used by people with little to no obvious metabolic damage. Note: If you should choose Meal Plan Option 1 and your keto flu symptoms last longer than 10 days, you are urged to discontinue Meal Plan Option 1 and begin Meal Plan Option 2.
  • METABOLICALLY DAMAGED: Suitable for people experiencing metabolic derangement, hypoglycemic, autoimmune disease, type 2 diabetes or pre-diabetes, hypothyroidism or symptoms of hypothyroidism (Sensitivity to cold, fatigue, cold hands and feet, & dry skin), obese, inactive. This plan allows the option to gradually enter into ketosis by dropping your carbs slowly over a 5 week time frame. This approach will help you to avoid potential keto flu symptoms including adrenal and thyroid. 
  • VEGETARIAN: Suitable for Vegetarians, but you must be willing to consume fish and/or eggs as your protein source.Specifically created for vegetarians wanting the option to keto adapt. Note, there are no meal options available for Vegans.
  • INTERMITTENT FASTING: Stage One Beginners To Advanced: This beginner’s to advanced intermittent fasting protocol is designed for those who have already fully keto adapted. The first stage as a beginners is meant to slowly introduce you to intermittent fasting without shocking the body. The second stage is the advanced intermittent fasting protocol that takes a more aggressive approach in intermittent fasting in order to access and utilize body fat as well as give your digestion symptom a break from processing foods.
  • HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE: This histamine intolerance meal plan was specifically created to help guide people suffering from moderate to extreme food sensitivities and allergenic responses to high histamine foods or environmental toxins. It also begins to examine the source of your allergies which may have been caused by leaky gut, poor digestion, environmental stress and lifestyle stress. This plan points out high histamine foods and creates solutions to allergenic response by following a food rotation schedule. It also puts you in your ketogenic macro range of fat, protein and carbohydrates requirements.
  • RECIPES: I designed simple to follow basic recipes for those looking to get started with tasty Keto approved ingredients.