Consultation Informational Fact Sheet + Terms & Conditions


All Participants must have a Gmail account to join the Group consultation event. If you do not have a Gmail account when signing up for your consultation appointment,  please create one after your booking and send your new Gmail email via or the technical page at

Consultation Format:

1. As a group participant, you will receive an instructional page via email along with the event consultation confirmation.

2. To join the broadcast click on the link received via email. Once you click the link you will be directed to the group.

3. Each session total time will be 1 hour and 30 minutes and will include 4 people in a Google Hangouts Group Consultation.

4. 10 minutes of the consultation be dedicated towards prepping the group on how the consultation will function and address any technical issues that might arise.

5. Each member will mute their microphones unless it is your time to speak. Also keep microphone muted when you are not speaking, including the moments Stephanie is answering or asking questions to you directly. This will reduce the amount of noise feedback.

6. Each individual will receive 20 minutes maximum of talk time. The group consultation of 20-minute blocks must be strictly adhered to. In order to maximize everyone’s learning experience individuals will not be permitted to go over the time assigned.

7. At the 15-minute mark of your consultation, you will receive a notification that you have 5 minutes left until your consultation session will expire.

8. At the end of your 20 minute consultation time an alarm notification will go off signifying your session has ended, and the next consultation will begin.

9. Each member will complete the 20-minute consultation in order as assigned.

10. Be prepared for you Scheduled consultation prior to the event. Make sure you have something to write or record with. Also make sure your computer has a functioning camera and microphone.

1 On 1 Consultation Package:

1. 1 on 1 consultations are a one-hour consultation package.

2. In your one hour consultation: Questions, answers & troubleshooting. Creating your meal plans will also be provided in the one-hour consultation

3. You must have something to record or write within your consultation because you will be writing your meal plan via Stephanie’s recommendations

4.. Each individual must use the time wisely in creating a Ketogenic strategy

5. Cancellations are to be made at least 24 hours prior to your consultation date and time to receive a refund

6. A how to Keto adapt pdf file will also be provided towards your 1 on 1 consultation package

Wifi Connection: Please make sure you have a secured Wifi or cell phone 4G connection

Privacy: If you do not want to be on camera and have the choice of amenity. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAMERA.. and just rely on audio.

QUITE ENVIRONMENT: Please ensure you are in a quite environment with no distractions including: pets, children, other people, in your car or at work.

Missed consultation appointment, late or Delayed Participants

24 hours’ notice is required for cancellations. If notice is not received, alternate sessions will not be scheduled. Under no circumstances will payment be refunded. If you miss your rescheduled session you will NOT be issued a second one without another payment.

Please notify of cancellations and rescheduling via the contact page at
Please note: If, due to unforeseen circumstances Stephanie Person needs to reschedule an entire session, a makeup date will be created that works for all participants, and also will bed emailed a new consultation time for all 4 group participants

Late or Delayed Participants:

If you are more than 5 minutes but no more than 20 minutes late to your consultation chat you will be bumped to the bottom of the list and participants will be consulted based on the order they arrive to the session. You may be allowed to make up the lost time on a Private Facebook live chat Q&A session. During that session participants will be assigned a time limit to ask their questions via text and will receive the responses live.

Completely missed appointments must notify within 24 hours.

Completely missed appointments will be made up in a Private Facebook live broadcast.

Makeup sessions will be scheduled in the mornings (PST) of either Saturdays or Sundays according to availability and scheduling. This schedule can be subjected to a change of dates and times.

Facebook Makeup Consultation Events

Each make up session will allow a maximum of 8 participants. This live broadcast will be scheduled for approximately 1 hour total depending on numbers. Each person will receive the possibility of 5 questions max.

You must have a facebook account to be able to access the Facebook make up consultation event.

All Make up consultation will be emailed date and time possibilities to reschedule. Once you decided on a date and time to your new event on the private facebook page, you will be sent a link directing you to the facebook page for you to request an add to the page.

How To Join Your Consultation Group
You will be sent a link or a google hangouts invitation the day of the consultation. Be prompted and on time to receive your google hangouts invite

Benefits to a group consultation

It’s important to clearly understand that although each individual has 20 minutes of talk time you will also have the benefit of listening to questions posed by the other participants. This not only allows for a more well-rounded discussion, but also creates the most time efficient method of receiving and sharing large amounts of information and learning.

By agreeing to the terms of service, No Payments towards your consultation will be refunded under the conditions of changing your mind after the payment has been made. That includes late or missed consultation events. Once payment has been initiated you must follow the guidelines set below:

By participating in this group discussion you agree that all information discussed will be held in privacy. You also agree that your information will be heard by the other participants. Stephanie Person and will not be held liable for any breach of privacy that occurs.


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