30 Day Challenge – Infos

HI Everyone

Come join the 30 Day Challenge Replay course!

Sign ups start March 7th 2017

30 Day Keto challenge course officially starts March 10th



This is not a new challenge. But a replay of January 7th – first how to keto adapt challenge. This repeat challenge will have amazing bonus content for those who enjoyed my first challenge. 

The 30 day challengers get access to the Private Facebook Group as a part of the package. But you can also access it via a separate purchase. click here.. 


The SignUp starts now, but the challenge starts at 10th of March
Signing up while the challenge is running, is possible as well. You will get all the content. 

You will receive the material on your paypal email address. So the account that you pay with, will be registered.

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30 Day Challenge Replay: is a repeat or rerun of the January 15th challenge. I am replaying the first challenge with bonus content to educate those confused on how to Keto adapt. For first time challengers you will receive important information packed with critical information you can not get anywhere else on the internet or with any other Keto Consultant. My course was designed from my field experience with working with over 3000 people. Working so many people has enabled me to understand what practices can block your keto adaptation as well as get your to keto adapt in a more safe manner


The 30 Day How to Keto adapt Challenge is set up as a informational course giving your vital information on how to keto adapt a more correct and safe way. 

You will receive amazing informative each day sent to you by email. 

You also receive weekly tasks to complete each week in order to help keep on track in your keto transformation

The information is in text written form and in how to keto adapt video series


How to use a glucometer

Macros types grams and percentages

How to get in 200 grams of fat

Meal timing

Better Sleep tips

Exercise tips

Food prep tips

Keto without a gallbladder

Keto for autoimmunity including:



Low testosterone 

adrenal fatigue

Leaky gut

Histamine intolerance 

Keto for families


Nigh shift workers


Fitness competitors

Keto flu

And much much more


 For who signed up for the first 30 day challenge January 15th 2017 it would be advantages to sign up for the bonus content plus the the ability to access the private facebook group that I will monitor and have live Q&A broadcasts for those having more questions on their keto adaptation 


The private facebook group is included in the course content benefits. The 30 day challenge private facebook group will be structured in a way where people can share and encourage each other on how they improved sleep for example, got their stress down. Or even how they do keto without a gallbladder. I will also be montering the page and setting up guidelines to help in your understanding of how to keto adapt as well as answering some of your questions, putting some fun challenges and live Q&A broadcasts